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My name is Henry. I am a doctor in Southern California. I am married, have 2 kids, and a pile of student loans. I am considered by some statistics to be a high income earner. My financial situation at this point is not perfect, but I’ve been learning and reading a lot which has helped me improve. The more I learn, the more I realize that most marketing campaigns are designed to keep us from becoming rich, regardless of our income levels.

I am not a financial blogger. As I mentioned, I am a doctor. I spent several years studying and learning how to help people get and stay healthy. But as I improved my professional status, I began to earn more money. And then, I began to learn more about money. The more I learned, the more I realized that my consumer subset (high earner, not rich yet) is being increasingly targeted to keep us from ever becoming rich.

I am also a millennial. I don’t have sleeve tattoos or a man-bun, but I am 33, and thereby in that consumer demographic that is so often the target of scorn. (Why does the media constantly berate millennials for being bad with money? Previous generations are themselves terrible with money; they are the ones that taught us to be this way, but we are just more social and overt about it.)

And I am not alone. I have many professional friends (doctors, attorneys, MBAs, etc.) who spent years studying in their fields. One result of that studying and sacrifice is higher-than-average income. Another result of that education is the higher-than-average student loan debt that we accrue to accomplish our educational and career goals. I have so much educational debt that when I read of someone else paying off $30,000 in student loans in a short time, I sigh as I think about the dozen individual loans I have, a few of which exceed $30k by themselves.

I am not asking for any pity; I am sure no one would give it anyways. I made my financial choices years ago, and I am accepting their consequences. But I am also trying to lay out my current situation in hopes that others who are in a similar boat and are feeling the pull of ‘lifestyle creep,’ will find a better way.

I am hoping this helps you.

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  1. Henry, I didn’t carry student loans, but I feel you! It is a challenge to not let the lifestyle inflate with the income. Even if you are very self aware the inflation can slowly creep in and before you know it BAM, you’re in over your head. I look forward to reading more about your journey, I’m sure you’ll be rich before you know it!

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